How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost?

How Much do Facebook Ads Cost? I find many marketers don’t get involved in Facebook advertising because they aren’t clear on the benefits, the process or the costs.

I’ve written dozens of blog posts about the benefits and process before. Here is just a small sampling:

So the purpose of this post is to provide clarity on costs involved with Facebook advertising. The short answer: You can spend as little as a dollar (or even less) or as much as your budget will support.

Here is an overview of costs I’ve seen as well as some budgeting tips.

Individual Campaign Budget

I create several ads within a single campaign. That campaign requires — technically — at least a $1 budget.

Of course, there are ways around that. You can stop and pause campaigns and ads that aren’t working. So in reality, you don’t even need to spend a dollar.

Quick Tip: Whether you have a monthly budget of $10,000 or $10, I highly recommend that you start any campaign slowly (I tend to set my initial campaign budget at a mere $5). Don’t throw your money away on a campaign or ad that doesn’t work. Run multiple campaigns with multiple ads concurrently, each at very low budgets. Stop what doesn’t work and escalate what does.

Monthly Advertising Budget

I haven’t spent much on my Facebook Page, but I’ve averaged over $50 per month on advertising. A decent chunk of this came through Facebook ad coupons (I’m a coupon hawk) and the rest was in a small budgeted amount per month.

Quick Tip: Stay within your means, but keep a discretionary budget available to increase engagement with Promoted Posts, drive Likes and drive other business goals.

Cost Per Click

Understand that the cost per click is going to be different depending on your industry, targeting and destination. My Page averages a CPC of $.35, but I also focus globally and don’t drive traffic off of Facebook.

I’ve seen cost per click during 2012 as high as $3 or $4, but this goes up if you run “Optimized” ads (when Facebook targets people most likely to click) or if you run ads on mobile devices.

Quick Tip: Keep an eye on your CPC, but it should not be the factor determining success or failure. What happens after a user clicks? What is the goal of your ad? You have to determine whether the cost associated with the click is worth the reward.

Cost Per Thousand Impressions

Once again, you will see a wide range of results here. For my Facebook Page, my average CPM is $.28. But if you run “Optimized” ads or ads on mobile devices, you could be looking at multiple dollars per thousand impressions.

Quick Tip: Run identical ads, but one that is paid via CPC and one CPM. I tend to get the most bang for my buck using CPM, but if you are running an ad with a high barrier (selling an item), you may be better off with CPC.

Cost Per Action

The metric that determines success or failure of a Facebook advertising campaign is Cost Per Action. An “action” is a Like, install, RSVP or some other desired activity.

I’ve tended to get exceptional results with my Facebook Page, and Cost Per Action is no different. I’ve spent an average of $.27 per action — mostly being Page Likes.

But don’t set $.27 as your threshold for success or failure. It all depends on the goals of your action, your industry, the target audience, etc. If your ad is for app installs or an RSVP for a fundraising event, you may be more willing to spend a $1 or more.

Quick Tip: This is an important metric, but be wary of results that seem too good to be true. Optimized ads — particularly targeted outside of the US and Canada — have been known to attract bots. So even if you’re spending $.05 per Like, is it really worth it if you’re bringing in bots? I think not.

What Do You Spend on Facebook Ads?

If I had a larger budget, I’d dedicate more towards Facebook advertising — both on engaging current Fans and reaching new ones. But I find it’s a great way to continue progress, whether it be through growing or engaging.

How about you? How much are you spending per month on your Facebook advertising? Let me know in the comments below!

  • Susan O’Dea

    Hi Jon, I have only just started in the last few weeks…so a real newbie. So far I have set up 3 ad campaigns for getting ‘Likes’ for pages. They are all averaging at 35c CPA. My budget is $5 for each campaign per day…and I am spending $14-15 per day. My ‘likes’ are growing well. Now to learn how to make campaigns for affiliate programs and building my lists. :)

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks for sharing, Susan! You can definitely build your lists. Use the same ads that you are using to grow Likes and send them to a landing page with an embedded subscription form. Maybe even “Click Like for…”. Not everyone will subscribe, but you’ll get a decent number of subscriptions that way.

      I’ve started experimenting with affiliate advertising on Facebook, though I’m skeptical since on Google people are looking to buy a product whereas on Facebook they are not.

      • Susan O’Dea

        Thank you Jon! I have been thinking about doing that, but wasn’t really sure how. I will give that a go!

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  • jeeka

    Hi Jon..i just establish my new video viewing website, and another community website. I want to use facebook adv and make the website known to my audience. Get more facebook like and increase visitors to my sites. Please which one do i begin with? thanks

    • Jon

      @jeeka – Your new “video viewing website?” You mean like YouTube? Do yourself a favor and figure out another business idea because I wouldn’t want to touch that with a 10 foot pole. The world doesn’t need another “video viewing website” bud. Good luck.

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  • Imran Khan

    i am opening an online gift shop.which ad is perfect my monthly budget 60$


    Hi JON,I want to know if i advertise for 4 companies will i get some discount for advertising?

    • Jon Loomer


  • Abhialsh

    Sir,My Boss asked me to prepare a write up on facebook marketing with special reference to Cost/price factor involved in it.Could you pls help me on this:[email protected]

  • Tch Coffee

    H Jon, Thank you for sharing your article, I want to advertise in facebook, but I wish they a have demo for each plan of service that they offer …I have a successful coffee business online, but I m still considering facebook as part of our marketing.

  • marion

    I found a very good service advertisements is called “Goomito Marketing” for small and large businesses the prices are starting at 15 $ and 0.10 CPC

  • Karyn Phillips

    Hi Jon,
    Is it possible for someone to create an ad account/campaign on your account without your knowledge? I found an account number on my Facebook account for an ad account, but I’ve never had one. Is it possible for hackers to run ads on someone’s account for various purposes?

  • Phil Howard

    Jon, great article, thank you. I have a corporate travel business and want to create an ad that lets travelers know we have excellent rates for that area, and our service is free. When clicking the ad the interested part would be taken to an extension page on our website and list the hotels that we have rates with in that area, provide additional info on the hotel and the price range available. They would then click a link on our webpage to contact the account manager directly for availability and pricing.
    Do you think FB advertising would work for this? I appreciate the comment about start slowly. How do I get my ad out there for travelers coming in to the California market to see it? Can it be that specific? Which of the ad options on FB would work best for this need?
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your help and support Jon. Look forward to your response.