Should You Buy Facebook Likes?

Last week, I received the following question from a reader about buying Facebook Likes:

What about buying likes outright? We’re thinking about buying 500 or so likes through a service like “buyilikes.” We would do it because we want to portray ourselves as an established company providing high end services, and ~40 likes shoots us in the foot. Will buying likes of fake people cause any harm?

– Ted

Don't Buy Facebook Likes It’s a question I get often. The short answer: No way. Don’t do it. Don’t buy Likes.

Anything that doesn’t bring in an authentic “fan” won’t help you.

Today, let’s cover…

  1. Why Brands Buy Facebook Likes;
  2. Why You Shouldn’t Buy Facebook Likes; and
  3. Alternatives to Buying Facebook Likes

By the end of this post, I hope to not only convince you that it’s a terrible idea to buy Facebook Likes, but to help educate you on productive, easy and cost effective ways of increasing your Likes while maintaining your dignity.

Why Brands Buy Facebook Likes

Look, I get it. When you start out, it’s hard. You have 40 Likes. When you post an update to your Page, no one responds.

Maybe you need to impress your bosses and show them that you’re building an audience. Maybe you think think that no one would be willing to Like a Page with only 40 Likes.

Desperate, you artificially inflate the number of your Page Likes. I understand why you do it or are tempted to buy Facebook Likes. But here’s the deal…

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Facebook Likes

There are three main reasons I’d strongly advise against this practice:

  1. Ethics: It’s Just Wrong;
  2. Stats: It’ll Hurt You; and
  3. Value: You’re Throwing Money Away

When you buy Facebook Likes, you are paying a service to load up your Page with Likes from fake Facebook profiles. You will never hear from these people again. They aren’t people at all.

I don’t know about you, but this just feels… wrong. If you are a person or brand with a conscience, this should feel wrong to you, too. It reflects badly on you, and it reflects badly on your brand.

You know that little metric called “Talking About This?” It’s under your Cover Photo. When a prospective new fan comes to your Timeline, they may look at the total number of Likes. But they’ll also look at Talking About This, which indicates the number of people who have engaged with your brand during the past week.

If you buy 90% of your Likes, you can bet that your Talking About This is going to be miniscule. And that tells a prospective fan who doesn’t know you bought those Likes that you are simply not interesting.

This would also negatively impact your EdgeRank, which helps Facebook determine whether the content you create is relevant and worth showing to particular users. If a very low percentage of fans engage with your content, that will mess up your EdgeRank.

Well, first we’ve determined that if you buy Likes they aren’t real people anyway. But the actual real people may not see your content because the fake ones destroy your EdgeRank.

There is absolutely no value in this. You’re throwing your money away. Keep in mind that creating fake profiles violates Facebook policies. You are trying to work the system by creating inauthentic Likes. Facebook is likely to ban many of your new Likes and they may even flag your Page. You don’t want to get on Facebook’s bad side.

Alternatives to Buying Facebook Likes

Now that we’ve established that you shouldn’t — EVER — buy Facebook Likes, you’re undoubtedly asking… Great, smart guy. So now what? I still need to get more Likes. FAST!

No worries. Here are the things that you need to do…

1) Invite Relevant People
You may be tempted to invite all of your friends to Like your Page. I’d again caution you against inviting anyone who will ignore your content. They may just Like it to be nice, then never read anything you write again.

So invite friends and family who may have an interest in your niche. But also send an email to customers on your email list inviting them to Like your Page.

2) Promote Your Page Online
If you have a website (I sure hope you do), you need a Like box or button that promotes your Page on all major pages of your website. If you’re already on other social networks, invite those followers to your Facebook Page.

3) Promote Your Page Offline
Create signage within your store, inviting customers to Follow You on Facebook. Make sure to briefly describe the value you will provide (“for daily deals!” or whatever it is). Put this message on receipts, cards on tables or anywhere else customers may be looking. Make sure that you have a vanity URL that is easy to remember.

4) Run Contests and Offers
If you want to get people excited about Liking your brand, go viral. Create a great contest or run a Facebook Offer. When people participate and engage with you, they will create a story that is shared with their friends. Suddenly, your fan base grows naturally.

5) Be Interesting and Provide Value
This should be a very high priority for you: What value does your Page bring? If you can’t think of any reason someone would Like your Page (other than We’re awesome!), you need to go back to the drawing board.

It can’t be all about promoting yourself. Value could be in exclusive deals, providing information on general sales and specials, giveaways, etc. But outside of those things, you need to be human, interesting or funny.

6) Run Ads
All of the things above cost nothing or close to nothing. The thing is, if you were already willing to buy Likes, you should be willing to run Facebook ads.

You don’t need a large budget. Spend $50 once to attract anywhere from 50-150 new fans. Or have a low monthly budget to do this regularly. It’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg. You can get a lot out of Facebook ads while spending very little.

In Conclusion

The desperation to buy Facebook Likes comes down to frustration and a lack of education. Building a solid, engaged, REAL audience isn’t difficult. You just need to know how to do it.

Do you have a story about buying Likes? Share it in the comments below!

  • Dragos Turlescu

    I agree with you Jon -buying Facebook fans is a waste of money

  • Christophe

    Hi Jon, interesting post, however I had a problem reading it. I’m in IE8 and it seems your social media bar on the left covers a portion of the text. In Firefox its ok but maybe you should take a look at it in IE and change some settings.

    • Jon Loomer

      Thanks for the heads up, Christophe! IE is rarely kind to design. I moved the bar over another 20 pixels. Can you check and let me know?

    • Michele K Free

      I’m on IOS, and I had trouble with the Reommend box on the right opening over the text. Finally figured out how to close it. But the article was worth it!

      • Jon Loomer

        Thanks for the feedback, Michele! I’ll keep a close eye on that.

  • Peter Woolvett

    Good point Jon,

    The slight effect that dummy fans could have on your target audience cannot be measured, therefore, is irrelevant. Engaging with your real fans, as you well explained it, is the right way to go.

    • Jon Loomer

      Agreed, Peter! We need to focus on doing the right thing, not taking the short cut. It pays off!

      • Jared Diamond

        Short cuts pay off if you’re smart. It’s not like you just write interesting content and, bualah, people follow on their own. Sometimes you need to pour oil on the timber to start a real fire. I think most of your article is run-of-the-mill bullshit, no offense (sure you’re a nice guy)

        In this world you gotta fake it till you make it. Anyone who says different is lying or doesn’t know better. Dress the part and when your name is called, be ready to perform.

        You can bullshit people; You just can’t disappoint em. Take that to the bank.

        • Mariah Cazmonae

          It’s the other way around my friend…You can disappoint ppl, but you can’t bullshit them! Believe that! Ppl aren;t stupid!

          • Bill Collectors Hate Me

            Some people are.

          • Guest

            most people are.

        • Sal Amato

          RIGHT ON JARED.While we don’t buy like, the point is this, the real world looks at numbers and if they see none, no matter how much traffic you have on your website? They don’t give a shit – they want to see numbers – 17 years ONLINE in this biz and SUCCESSFUL at it. We don’t buy ‘em but know those who do and like weed, while I don’t smoke it, I don’t give a shit who does

  • Michele K Free

    Great article. People ask me this question all the time. I went to a new page recently that had very few posts, and only a couple of fans who had left messages about the page. They had 5000 likes, and it was obvious from the activity on the page that they were bought. I lost all respect for them (whether I should have or not). I’m:

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  • Jacco Vlastuin

    Hi Jon,

    Nice article, so true! Keep up the good work!


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  • spiritlabdesign

    Hi Jon, I have just recently launched a facebook page and wasn’t even aware you can buy likes?! Sound’s like a fast track to actual hard work to me.. Thanks for shedding light on the subject!

    • Jon Loomer

      Glad you didn’t fall for the trap! Thanks for reading.

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  • Tracy

    Lots of good points there however, I did buy 100 likes months ago and was very satisfied with what I got. They were real people that EVERY NOW AND THEN a few of them show up and click “like” on something. But even people that I personally know and have invited will seldom come by. A friend and I were just talking about the lack of interface with people that have liked your page. I post everyday and there are very few people that come by. I post funny stuff, pretty stuff, stuff about specials, and share other people’s stuff. The Facebook page is a different beast but, I “like” it. Thanks for the info!

    • Jon Loomer

      Hi, Tracy. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. If you “bought” the likes, how could they be “real people?” In these cases, they are either fake/bot profiles or an army of people they pay to like pages. In either case, any interaction is hollow. It doesn’t help you. So I still don’t get the point.

      • asger

        If someone has access to enough facebook fan sites / pages, then they can spread the word and provide likes in a natural way. That’s what buylikesdotnet claims to do.. not sure if I “dare” it though. As you say, you DON’T want to be on the wrong foot with facebooggety.

        • Jon Loomer

          I guess I don’t understand how that’s natural. They have access to a bunch of real people who will like your page. But are they actually brand advocates who will buy from you? No. They may not be bots, but it’s number padding that isn’t helpful.

          And you’re right! Don’t get on Facebook’s bad side.

          • quiop

            But people who visit later will be more likely to pay attention when thousands of your “closest friends” have already liked your page. It is called psychology and you are refusing to account for it in your half of the discussion here.

          • Jim

            Some companies sell fake likes, others sell likes from real people who can become brand advocates. This last group is targeted by companies who spend time in finding the people who would like your page. You would have to provide information about what type of target group you have and the facebook likes company does the marketing for you just like you would otherwise do it yourself.

            There are also companies who have people who get paid for liking pages. These of course will not become a page’s advocate.

      • James

        I think the mistake you’re making is with the assumption that 100% of the likes you buy are fake profiles. That is not true.

      • quiop

        I don’t think you actually know how this works. They are not all fake.

    • Peter socome

      Who was this through?

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  • Effective Site

    I agree with everything you’ve said about the likes being fake so there’s no engagement but this didn’t address the position of the original person since they weren’t purchasing likes to get engaged customers they were purchasing them to increase perceived value. 99% of people going to your page aren’t going to care about the “talking about this” number or even know what it means. They look at the number of likes and a higher number lends more perceived authority to the page/company. If facebook were to get you in trouble then people could just buy likes for a competitor’s page to get it flagged so I think so long as you stay within reason it’s not a bad tactic for the person who asked the question.

    • Jon Loomer

      If you believe that EdgeRank makes a significant impact on whether your fans do or don’t see your content, you should be very concerned about adding any fans who don’t care about you. If you start with 1,000 fakes to “increase perceived value,” that may help bring some more people on. But you are fighting an uphill battle in terms of engagement. If Facebook already limits what your fans see, they will limit it even more because a very low percentage of your fans engage. Facebook will interpret that as meaning that you aren’t interesting.

      And that all ignores that this practice is against Facebook TOS and could get you deleted/banned.

      • Matt Withers

        Facebook likes have value beyond Facebook though. I’m considering dumping our facebook page because I don;t think it really does anything for us, but having a few likes on your website’s home page tells other people that some people DO find value on your site.

        • Jon Loomer

          Eh. If the number of Fans isn’t real and you don’t provide value, any return on that will be fleeting.

          • Matt Withers

            I think you’re missing the point. A facebook page for a financial company is never going to provide value, because any purchase would have to go through another channel anyway, that was compliant with the relevant authorities, and that’s where the value lies. Sure, you can provide help guides etc. but even then, who’s really going to fan a bank or an insurer??
            However, it’s been shown time and again that a webpage with more facebook likes converts better than one without as it has added authority.

          • quiop

            You are seriously missing the point.

  • Sam

    Hey Jon!
    I came across your page

    when I searched for the possibility to buy likes! I saw you could do that for

    Instagram so I figured Facebook had the same possibilities. I can definitely

    see where you’re coming from about the honesty of people and their business


    Here is my take, though, and I’d love to hear your opinion on it. I am about to

    publish a book on Amazon (e-books only), and I wanted to try out Facebook for

    marketing. The book is for both genders, 17 and up. What if I bought a bunch of

    likes (1000), and used Facebooks new marketing tool where I use sponsored ads

    that will show up on the walls to my likes’ friends? I see an advantage using

    likes this way for something as simple as a book. What do you think? I don’t

    mean to overdo it, but let the ad run for a few days to create awareness of my

    Naturally, this would require REAL likes instead of bots.

    • Jon Loomer

      I see no advantage to buying likes. Not only will it not provide real engagement, but it will result in lower percentage of engagement — which will prevent those who actually want to see your content from seeing it. And finally, it’s against Facebook TOS, so don’t get caught.

  • devon

    if you want 100% real likes contact this man


    Well, about the real people. I had a friend who was working for a “company”… They sold likes. Their system was having a page filled with pages to like and people got rewarded for their likes. As a podcaster I have been asked to get a try… It was just useless. Even if they had real people but end of the day the person who was like-ing everything just for the reward ( promised but never given) simply ignored or even banned the posts on timeline…
    The page lost that person for sure. ( as fb ads visible for nonlike-ers by default)
    Eventually they were shutted down. Hurray!
    Don’t buy likes!

    • Jon Loomer

      Exactly! Thanks for the story!

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  • Panawan

    Hello. You keep on talking about ethics, Facebook rules, etc…But why is it that Facebook itself is selling likes ??

    • Aamil Keeyan Khan

      Here we go again. Facebook cannot sell you likes. What they sell you is an exposure to a REAL audience and its upto them to like your page. The benefit here, however is that it allows you to target the kind of audience base you want thanks to the criteria which you can set while putting up your ad. The whole idea of having a FB Page is build your brand with REAL audience so that it benefits you in the long run.

      Having a higher number of fans makes no difference if those people are never going to use their accounts again. What these companies sell are just fake numbers, that’s all. If you were running a shop, would you rather have 100 people come it who will most likely buy your stuff or a paid crowd of 1000 who’re just there coz they were paid and will leave without buying anything? It’s the same as having no customers. Bad business.

      You could say you wanna buy likes to create the illusion that your brand is already very popular but then again, wouldnt you rather spend that money getting 1/10th that number of fans but REAL people? Think again.

      • Percy

        It is like:

        If you believe it is a holy water and if you not then it is just a water.

        Lady gaga is so popular and she can get more likes and followers easily but things are not same for every one on this earth. Doesn’t it mean that each should wait for years of hardwork just to get likes.

        The only thing which can harm you is 10000 likes overnight and by bots. If you get likes in drip feed then there won’t be any issue.

        • Guest

          nice tips if you need buy to facebook likes , twitter followers ,

        • Andrew Chew

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    • rasel ahmed

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    • Stellan Corsy

      Thank you Panawan ! He forgot that when it comes to just about anything on the Internet these days,you need to have solid content and authority if you want to build an audience. Even Facebook know about this and sell likes (no matter the names they calls it, SELL is SELL) based on user’s privacy they promised not to tamper with. I use and its very cheap than using Facebook advertising since am getting real and active fans on there too.

      • Andrew Chew

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      • Kelly Jane

        Thank you Stellan, that saved me alot of bucks. Care for a chocolate ? lol. . . you just help me out buddy :)

      • Melvinn D’ANNA

        I have tried them @stellancorsy:disqus, but not worthy..

        • Melvinn D’ANNA

          I prefer smmadmin :)

    • Abhiyan

      Hey! Your saying is true actually. Facebook has been multi-billion corporation just by ‘selling’ likes. In facebook, people can ‘buy’ likes. Facebook does not necessarily show the ads to related people and the advertisers have to pay per view. So if some people sell likes outside facebook it’s facebook’s loss, so they seem to discourage it. My sugestion, buy likes outside too. Not so costly compared to your reputation gained after buying likes. I have been lately using (don’t mean to promote the site, just an example.) and it’s very safe, and privacy matters too. They are cheap too and easy then promoting from facebook.

      • Ronny Crest

        WOW!! Thanks for showing this website. It even claimed to sell real likes, I gave it a try. It sure took some time but the audience was real and responsive!! Like facebook ads, but a lot cheaper.

        Thanks again for this site.

      • Amanda Zwikker

        Great site to start with. They are costly for real likes, but they deliver the results which are effective then facebook advertising. Definitely worth a go. Thanks for letting us know about it. More people need to know this.

        • Max Smith

          Perfect Customer service!!
          I just orderd their real likes package 15 minutes ago. They replied instantly with the process, and I can see real people with real profile and activities liking my pages, unlike my previous experience of fake likes from another website. It has already increased by 23 likes now. I ordered 2k of them and they say that it will be completed within 1 week. Best experience!! Must try!

          Thanks for sharing!

          • andrew Chew

            Hello Max Smith , we can also get the real likes from different person. This comment is not promoting any website. But i came to find the social media marketing market place called . Here you can get many users promoting there social media marketing services not only facebook likes. I have recently bought 1000 real likes on my page and it was 100% effective. Hope you all enjoy through this website.

        • Andrew Chew

          Hello friends , we can also get the real likes from different person. This comment is not promoting any website. But i came to find the social media marketing market place called . Here you can get many users promoting there social media marketing services not only facebook likes. I have recently bought 1000 real likes on my page and it was 100% effective. Hope you all enjoy through this website.

    • Ronny Crest

      There is no such thing called real facebook likes from real people. Just some fake profiles.

    • Scott

      Panawan, we spent over $500 to Facebook directly for its own ads, the
      ‘boost post’ it has, and buying likes from Facebook. We got over 25,000
      Likes as a result. But when we stopped spending the Likes stopped. And
      the long term benefit we got from buying ads from Facebook? Zero. So
      Facebook also is in the business of selling Likes. And they don’t work
      really to build a business at all. The best solution we had was visiting where them people are just dedicated to FB. Fan page likes, Photo likes and even Website likes for SEO..

      • Zema

        Same experience here with FB order. Once the paid ADs were over, even if our posts were getting hundreds of likes/ reaches 20-50 retweets, the LIKES pretty much stopped as if Facebook blocked it and wants to force us to make more paid orders. Also on the first order they will offer you more even for 5 dollar and on reorders the same amount may get less than a hundred. The Boost Post I found it to be useless, people read the post, like the post but don’t click to like the Page.

    • Prakash Timilsina

      Facebook itself isn’t selling likes. Real disclaimer Facebook likes providers are no way associated with facebook. That’s why they can give MONEY BACK GUARANTEE too

      • Melvinn D’ANNA

        yes, they’re not associates

  • Like To Cash

    Im going to be honest and say that the majority of fans you gain are not really worth having as a direct customer. Yes it is better to have real users and as mentioned earlier, you can get this by like exchanging basically. Did you know you could actually earn cash just from liking fb pages? Real users who all want to promote their fb page.. these are the people you need.

  • Kammy

    Listen people, buy 500 likes a week= 20$, 5$ a day in advertising on Facebook. Do this for 2 month and find your self popular as a mofo. I was handling an electronic site, they did the above for 3 months, guess what about $3200 in sales, from Facebook alone. From “fake” Facebook fans.

  • raiavaan

    Hi If you did buy facebook likes and a day later regret it – is it possible to ask the person who did it to undo it? and will that also damage things on your page?

    • Jon Loomer

      Highly doubt that those who added the likes could/would undo it. But you could go in and delete them one-by-one. That would assume, though, that you can tell what is real and what is not.

  • Jenn Harlo

    Has anyone tried a site called Click Chores where you can post jobs to get Facebook likes or get people to make comments on videos and such?


      Jenn, Have you tried it yourself? :)

  • Loss4Fitness

    this article saved my money…guys i will prove it… go to and see the fan box, more than 4 million fans..WOW great ha! but wait a moment the fan box is TOTALLY FAKE because it’s just a PICTURE.

    ThanQ again.

  • mquale

    Of course this article is written by quasi-social expert. For most its a waste of time, however, as has been mentioned in the comments there are a few exceptions where engagement and interaction are moot.

    Take this example: A new band comes on the local scene, and in order to promote themselves they feel they need a lot more likes so that venue owners think they are popular. They are good, know their material and execute well. They dress the part, and can entertain a crowd. They get all their friends that are active on FB to like their page…but its not really that many.

    Then they use Facebook advertising to promote their Facebook gig events. Targeting geographical and demographically compatible users. They spend $127 and walk away with around 90 page likes. Yet, not one single person ever interacts again with them. It was a complete waste of time and money. Other than getting their likes numbers up so more venues pay attention.

    In my opinion I would rather have 50 or 60 true fans that engage and interact and 500 to 1000 more fake fans. Yes, those that I can buy for $50! This is far more cost effective than paying Facebook way more $$$ to promote your page.

    Facebook is broken, and will start to decline at some point. Just my $.02

    • mirrorself

      I can speak firsthand about venues and promoters caring about likes in a weird way like that as a way of filtering through which bands to invite. Everybody wants a spot and managers don’t want to do hard work to filter through the bands – so they let raw numbers do it. Even though there are more bad than good sellers of fans (see for big lists) it’s a tactic that can have some psychological boosting effect to a page when people check you out and see you have more than just your mom and sister liking your page.

      That being said, Facebook is kind of broken and further in decline, but it’s all we’ve got for now until the next popular thing.

    • rasel ahmed

      100% real and worldwide Facebook likes !

      100% safe!

      no boots or spam

      delivered within 24-30 hours buy now !

  • Jake

    I disagree with this article Jon, I think that likes do provide value to a website. For some reason my previous comment got deleted. Some likes selling site provides reasons for why likes should be considered and they have a support team. I’ll post up the link but maybe thats why my comment got deleted. For those that are interested its at BUYMYLIKES DOT NET and in their blog page you can find the article I’m talking about.

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  • @ Photographer San Antonio

    I think that most people just place an ad on facebook, offer like a few cents per click for likes and then get ten to fifteen thousand in a few weeks. This is also the same as buying likes and facebook is selling you them through their ads. I remember a news story about a company getting one million likes this way. I think that Facebook just wants people to buy the likes from them like any greedy corporation should. But, they also can ban you from exchanging likes too.

  • James

    I work for a company that once paid for 3,000 Facebook likes with essentially no negative repercussions. The likes we got were all real people (I don’t know where this idea of “fake accounts” came from), they were all targeted toward our niche, and they were a great stepping stone for us to achieve the 25,000+ likes we now have 2 years later. Just do your research, and don’t use the likes for the sole purpose of showing more likes and you should be fine.

    • Alistair Toffoli

      interesting case, can you share some more? you can get in touch with me on twitter @alistairtoffoli

      • Serhat you can make your own interesting case by buying real facebook likes from providers who give money back guarantee :)

    • chris

      Who did you use?

    • Fasasi Oluseun Ismail

      I also got a top notch service like that on , all real and active fans and that helped my business alot! Dunno why people keep shouting fake, fake everywhere !

  • Nguyen Khoa Tri

    They don’t provide “real likes” from “real people” on Facebook by buying Fb likes services, it’s not a marketing online strategy, I also write some texts about this topic you can read:
    Facebook often cleans up their site and all these fake fans/like/people that the Buy Facebook Likes serives give you will be gone forever. Be careful! The pages of you can be also disable because of malware used for fake likes.

  • Norma

    how can a new business show 290 likes one day and the next day show 1300 and two days later 800. whats going on with this store

  • Alistair Toffoli

    I have discovered tonight that you can buy likes on ebay, as you can buy spare parts of computers. Well, that’s definitely something I was not expecting. however, I have to say, in some previous researches I have done on companies using FB, there were some interesting facts like companies with 20k likes and few interactions, I wonder if they were buying likes as well…otherwise, cool post, plenty of interesting inputs. Building a community on Facebook is not easy but definitely possible.

  • baclinks fans

    take a look many companys and music bands buy likes, fans etc. in

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  • Josh

    Facebook now sells Likes what are you talking about. So its ok to buy from Facebook and not other businesses? Or is Facebook being stupid and immoral also?

  • Thisara De Silva

    Very helpful! Thank you :)

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  • fatguitar

    you can’t run facebook offers without likes – and you can’t get fans without offers. A quandary. I ran some pages about the ravens and 49ers at superbowl time. Sounds perfect right? At $10 each per day for a month I got fewer than 1,000 likes on each. The cost for around 1700 on both pages was around $600.00. I bought fans for another page – real people who even talked about the page but they were from India and Pakistan and of course have no interest in buying what I was trying to sell. Rather than inflated likes, I am trying to get an audience that I can target market to more easily than regular Facebook ads – which perform dismally. I am likely going to try it with a US audience again. Buying 5,000 fans that automatically get exposed to every one of your offers and blogs for less than $200 is a lot easier than getting 5,000 to come to your new website. That is a slow and expensive process.

  • Mint Fixies

    It is a great article, informative and straight to the point. We were contemplating on the buying facebook likes topic on our website. However, thanks to this article we arent thinking of it anymore.
    Mint Fixies

  • philip

    You should mention the like requirement for offers, they won’t really work when starting up a new page!

  • Gene DeAngelo

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    • Mariah Cazmonae

      The chicken or the egg? That’s like asking which came first, the baby or the parent?

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    Reluctantly, i paid for 1000 likes. I assumed going in that I would never hear from them again, but i really just wanted that number. They came fast and were mostly from india or the surrounding area. I looked at a lot of the profiles and they seemed to be real people. They had posts, friends, photos, likes…etc. I thought they could be elaborate bot accounts.. but they werent. I made a new post, and about 10 of the new people liked the post.

    Heres what i noticed… as soon as I posted, the number of likes started going down. As if people saw my post and thought “what the *bleep* is this page? Another thing that leads me to believe they are real people is that the next time i ran a post, i purchased an ad, which reached nearly 20k people and netted 50 new followers, mostly from india and the surrounding area. I am starting to suspect that the accounts used to like my page might have been accounts that were broken into. It seems to be the only thing that makes sense. If they were bots they wouldnt generate real live human leads, would they?

    Anyway, my net result here is that my folllowers are still slowly decreasing as either facebook bans them or they unlike my page…or whatever. for every 4 likes i lose to whatever is causing it, I am gaining about 1 real follower that actually likes my content. So… mixed bag of success and not so much.

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    Some may believe (maybe wrongly so, maybe not) that having a higher ‘like’ count will bring more positive effects to their offline efforts (already mentioned) and thus would see this as a great value from a marketing standpoint. Why would this be less ‘ethical’ than say a billboard at a popular intersection? It’s just a brand trying to portray an image of what they feel is most appropriate.

    As for the Edge Rank and actual usefulness of the practice in regards to reaching an audience that is genuinely interested, I generally agree with you… it’s pretty useless.

    However, with sites like and other similar spin-offs, you can buy anywhere from 30-1000 likes for under $10. In most cases you can even chose the geographical region of the fans, and if the overall number of likes is low (say about 100), there is a good chance that these will be actual profiles and some of the new ‘fans’ will interact with your page… even if only to ‘unlike’ you, it’s still proof that there is a person on the other end.

    So long as you do it in moderation, and keep the spend low, buying likes can be beneficial. Just don’t overdo it, and make sure you try to get actual fans because that is where your value is… and the Edge Rank factor as you mentioned. :)


  • Julie Welles

    Hello Jon, thanks for posting this. I was recently approached by an outfit claiming to do “facebook advertising” for my client’s page to increase my likes. They promised so many fans for “x” amount of dollars of varying amounts (sounds just like buying Facebook Likes). They claim to be “legitimate” since they only provide “likes” through Facebook’s ads structure. Investigating further, they have only had their business page up for 2 months, and the majority of their 330K fans are in one overseas country and are skewed to a minor audience. Looking at their client websites they serve, the Talking About This and engagement seems to be high because quite a few of these “fake” profiles or audience members are posting ridiculous comments that make no sense, and are not at all in context. Is this a new way that scammers are trying to take people’s money just to artificially inflate fan pages and engagement?

    • Julie Welles

      by the way-I didn’t fall for this. The client did.

    • Jon Loomer

      There’s a thin line here, Julie. It’s very likely that what they did was indeed run advertising, but targeted at very cheap countries that are known to have low quality users and a high percentage of bots. If you are an American country only, those ads need to be targeted in the US. But if a vendor only promises “likes” but with no guarantee of quality, they absolutely could do this through ads.

      It’s important to use an experienced vendor that knows the difference and to focus on quality over quantity/price.

      • Julie Welles

        Thanks for your reply. I really do think it is a scam, as most of the Likes are from the US, and are obviously fake. The comments that these fans are making on my clients page make no sense. It will be interesting to see how this pans out in the future-as far as the engagement goes…

        • Jon Loomer

          If most are from the US, then it very well may be a scam. Outside of the US, I’d be hesitant to call it a scam since you can get fans from other countries through ads that are pretty clearly not real people, but it’s not always your fault. And those accounts will post gibberish and it’s frustrating. I rarely get them, but it happens more the bigger you get.

          Regardless, whether or not they used ads to get these fans, they clearly aren’t very good at what they do!

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    Let’s say I want to screw Nestle Singapore for example, I will push some fake accounts to their page and their page can get banned?

    Actually I was thinking to buy around 100,000 Fakes fans combined with 90% real ones, what is your advice?

    thanks in Advance for you answer.


    • Facebook User

      Well it depends where you’re going to buy your likes from. If you stick to a reputable company that has a good website, and offers a 100% refund if you get banned, you should be fine..

      I’ve used a few companies in the past, such as, intertwitter and, marketingheaven and a few more

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    • Ehsan


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  • Delena Roth

    Jon, I completely agree with you. I would add a couple of points:

    1) Contests and sweepstakes are great fan-builders. But be sure the prize is relevant to your target audience.

    2) Don’t just do one thing, look to combine tactics. Run ads to promote your contest, for example. And create posts that harmonize with your contest and ads. Etc.

    I just wrote a blog post with three ways to tell if a Facebook fan-building company is legit:

    Hope people find it helpful.

    • fred

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  • Russell Oakley

    Back in the dark ages we used to be able to display hit counters on our sites. Of course we wouldn’t start them at zero would we? I am all for organic traffic, it’s the holy grail but we are talking about business page image here. I love the buzz word total transparency and its a novel idea but within reason. I see both sides and think it depends on the business you are in. I just started a new page on traffic building. It’s been up and running for 12 hrs with a massive 15 likes. They are genuine likes though. My sister and grany etc. come like my page soon or I will have to buy some.

  • Jewellery Monthly

    Great article. We get email’s all the time about buying likes and it is so tempting to increase your profile but I know of people that have over 10,000 fake page likes and they get very little activity on their page. Agree with a lot of comments above though, buying likes is against Facebook policy but taking out ads with them is effectively the same thing. Bit more elbow grease I think!

  • michael

    well said and after reading this i will not buy likes. I was actually googling how to buy facebook likes because someone told me it would help boost them. After reading this, and it does make alot of sense, i would actually be hurting myself rather than helping myself. Thanks!

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  • Marie with a smile

    …a word of caution to those still interested in buying likes: Do your homework. There is a site that is on YouTube is a fraud. They are PMV. They take your money..there is no way to be directed to give a link to your YouTube. They just give you the option of paying only and nothing else. Then they send you a form email thanking you for using their service. If you dare to ask them questions via email; you will be left sitting and waiting. They never respond! I had to file a complaint with paypal and after 10 days PMV did not respond and I was granted my money back from Paypal. (Paypal made them pay the money back) . After I received no response from them, I went on their Facebook page and saw no activity since November 2012. That is something that I should have done first…to save my money! Let the buyer beware still applies!

  • joyfulthiek

    This article comes from a guy who was over 13,000 Likes on his page and a mere 1000 or so ‘talking about’ stats. Call me a hater, but looks to me like you bought those 10,000 likes and the 3000 — well, I think the 3000 are real people.

  • Emma

    I don’t think buying Facebook likes wrong. Because everybody doing this and if you sit and wait to become popular then I’m gonna think this is just wrong. Everybody wants to be popular on their niches so seeing someone’s facebook pages with lots of fans give them a huge credibility. And this credibility can bring lots of real-organic fans to their page, and this is the whole point of buying facebook likes. Ok, I admit I bought fans from these guys and those fans don’t active but it give me credibility in front of my clients.

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    I tried FB ads and they cost me more than a dollar a like. I wonder if this is because I’m marketing to a specific health condition niche versus to a broad audience?

    • Jon Loomer

      Probably. The industry definitely makes a difference.

  • John Haysavk

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  • Dublinbhoy

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    • Jon Loomer

      Always possible.

  • Jme

    It has been discovered that legitimately paying Facebook for ads is resulting in most of the “likes” coming from places like India and Sri Lanka where the people are getting paid $1 for every 1000 likes so let’s not put Facebook in such an angelic light, they are doing the SAME thing as buying likes in a fraudulent way…

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