Use Facebook as a Page Navigation Changes

A while back I noted that the drop-down from the top right navigation menu that allowed you to “Use Facebook as a Page” had disappeared. Or at least it did for some people.

This was bad. While I could still use Facebook as a Page, I then had to go into each individual Page’s Admin Panel to do it. Several extra clicks, and it was a major pain.

Well, it appears Facebook just took that functionality away (again, just for some of us) in preparation for making this process better. Today when I checked that drop-down, I got the following:

Use Facebook as a Page

This is potentially better than before. Now instead of clicking “Use Facebook as a Page” and then selecting the Page I want to manage, I get straight to the Page I want to manage in one click.

However, the options listed are apparently just the ones I have visited the most lately. If I want to use Facebook as a different Page (I manage others), I would then need to go into that individual Admin Panel to do it. So that’s kind of a pain. It would be nice if the general option was brought back to the drop-down.

Have you noticed this change? What do you think? Is it an improvement?

  • Tom Thiessen

    I love the new change.  I can easily switch between my profile, and my fan page with 1 click.

  • Erwin Meester

    have you tried scrolling down the list to get to all the pages you admin? that’s how it works for me

    • Daniel Marting

      have you found a way to change the order in which the pages come up ?

  • Daniel Marting

    You have to hover over the menu and scroll Down and Up to select the page you’d like to use. But how can you change the “default” order in which these pages come up?

    • TomW

      Thank you for pointing out the “scroll” option on the menu! I did not realize that was there! SO helpful!