Take a Tour of Facebook Premium Ads [Infographic]

Facebook is now allowing marketers to take a tour of Facebook Premium, the new advertising unit. Go here to get started.

The demo allows you to view how a piece of content that you create can be converted into an ad that will appear in the News Feed, on the right sidebar and within mobile devices. Where the ad appears will depend on whether the targeted user is a fan or a non-fan of your page.

Fans will see ads in their News Feed of their desktop, on the right hand side and in the News Feed of their mobile devices. Non-fans will see ads only on the right-hand side.

One interesting note from Facebook:

Premium ads and sponsored stories on the right-hand side are typically 40% more engaging and 80% more likely to be remembered than all previous offerings. (Average figures, based on internal studies, August 2011.)

Of course, no clue given regarding how much such an insanely successful ad unit will cost. But rumors have been that it will be much more than the current options.

Infographic is below (click here for a close-up), detailing the process. What do you think of Premium ads? Give your thoughts in the comments below.

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Facebook Premium Ads Demo

  • Amarisapmendes

    Hello Jon. I´m Ana from Lisbon, Portugal. So please clear me up, for small companies we still have the self-served platform, right ?In that case what changed ? Another question, the reach generator is aldo available for small budgets ? Thank you! http://www.facebook.com/anamarisamendes

    • http://jonloomer.com/blog Jon Loomer

      Hi, Ana! Greetings to Portugal! There aren’t a lot of details out on these subjects, but it is my understanding that ads as we know them will continue to be available, but that Premium and Reach Generator will likely be priced out of the budgets of small businesses.

      Again, details are sparse, but that’s my understanding. I can’t imagine that Facebook would create a product that would be too expensive for small businesses and then take away the product that was affordable.